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"A superb ghoststory" (FSR)

“Two Eyes Staring could very well be the bastard stepchild of The Shining …and I cannot think of a better compliment to give a film.” (Smells like screen spirit)

“A fantastic slow-build horror, Two Eyes Staring handles the horror elements quite masterfully, and delivers plenty of chills and unexpected thrills” (Fantastic Fest 2011)

“Like Rosemary's Baby, Two Eyes Staring is a fascinating and uncomfortable expose of the sometimes uneasy relationships” (

"Holland's scariest film since The Vanishing!" (Edinburgh Film Festival)

'Gesteund door uitstekend camerawerk, al even vakkundige muziek en puik acteren toont debuterend regisseur Elbert van Strien zich een trefzekere verteller.' (Telegraaf)

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